Many interested guests gathered at the booth of the Kammerer Medical Group with the companies Weber Instrumente, Kammerer MedTec and MiQ at MedtecLive/T4M from 3 to 5 May. An eye-catcher was the measurement setup of the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences, beeing on our booth as a guest exhibitor.
In line with our new logo, the adaptive chameleon, we presented our new sliding shaft Instrument, which adapts to a wide range of purposes with changeable working ends, and received enthusiastic feedback.
We were particularly pleased with the visit of Stockach’s mayor Stolz, who stopped by on his way to a meeting in Stuttgart. We already feel very welcome at the new location in Stockach.

About Kammerer Medical Group

Kammerer Medical has been manufacturing surgical instruments and instrument sets since 2000, primarily for the insertion of implants (spine, hip, knee, shoulder). A special process is used to bond silicone and stainless steel in such a way that they remain gap-free and therefore biologically safe even after hundreds of reprocessing cycles with cleaning agents and steam sterilization. A fully digitalized quality and risk management system enables complete documentation of the manufacturing process. Together with cleaning and ageing validations, this facilitates smooth approval of the instruments in accordance with the high regulatory requirements for medical technology. In a major growth step in 2023, the Kammerer Medical Group will triple its capacity in its new production and office building at the Stockach site.

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