Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of the healthcare industry. Baden-Württemberg is the state with the most medical technology companies (source: Spectaris, Federal Statistical Office) and what is special here is that these companies are predominantly not located in metropolitan areas, but “in the country”. This structure, with highly qualified jobs in innovative companies away from the big cities, is supported by the state government with the program “Top in the Country”.

Innovative medical technology is a good fit for Stockach

The city of Stockach has successfully proposed the Kammerer Medical Group for this funding. “For innovative companies such as the Kammerer Medical Group, we reserve our properties in the Himmelreich industrial park. This is in line with our settlement strategy,” emphasizes Stockach’s mayor Rainer Stolz during a meeting with the managing directors Uli and Christopher Kammerer. The managing directors are planning a major growth step: “The office and production building in Stockach was already designed for long-term growth. The funding now allows us to make a big leap in growth and expand to production steps that we have not yet covered.” At the same time, they also feel privileged about the funding, because only innovative medium-sized companies that are leaders in their field are accepted into the program.

City of Stockach and Kammerer Medical Group as a “top team”

The city, the district office and the company worked hand in hand to submit the application. “The city of Stockach with all its offices supports us outstandingly,” confirms Uli Kammerer, who feels very welcome in Stockach. This is also due to gestures such as the visit of Mayor Stolz at the trade fair stand at MedtecLive “We were impressed that Mr. Stolz made the detour through the trade fair on his way to Stuttgart for our sake. ”

Economic development officer Regina Schlecker is pleased about a new, attractive company that is already taking advantage of the offers of the economic development agency such as the table fair before even moving to Stockach. The Kammerer Medical Group will also be represented at the Career Day on February 10 at the BSZ Stockach and hopes for interest among the trainees.

Your contact persons

Regina Schlecker, Municipal administration of Stockach, Economic development department,
T. 07771 802-129, wifoe@stockach.de

Dr. Sabine Seeliger, Kammerer Medical Group | Kammerer Medical Systems GmbH & Co. KG,
T. 07771 64711-109, sabine.seeliger@kammerer-med.de

Picture from right to left:

Rainer Stolz, Mayor City of Stockach
Uli Kammerer, CEO Kammerer Medical Group
Christopher Kammerer, CEO Kammerer Medical Group
Dr. Sabine Seeliger, in charge of funded projects at Kammerer Medical Group
Regina Schlecker, Municipal administration of Stockach, Department of Economic development

Image rights: Municipal administration of Stockach

Logo ribbon "Supported by funds from the EU and the state of Baden-Württemberg" for new machines at the Kammerer Medical Group's Stockach site

About Kammerer Medical Group

Kammerer Medical has been manufacturing surgical instruments and instrument sets since 2000, primarily for the insertion of implants (spine, hip, knee, shoulder). A special process is used to bond silicone and stainless steel in such a way that they remain gap-free and therefore biologically safe even after hundreds of reprocessing cycles with cleaning agents and steam sterilization. A fully digitalized quality and risk management system enables complete documentation of the manufacturing process. Together with cleaning and ageing validations, this facilitates smooth approval of the instruments in accordance with the high regulatory requirements for medical technology. In a major growth step in 2023, the Kammerer Medical Group will triple its capacity in its new production and office building at the Stockach site.

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