Kammerer Medical Group
Im Saegenloh 3 | 78333 Stockach


"Our new workplaces are becoming so attractive that no one wants to work from home anymore."

Uli Kammerer

Ansicht Zweierarbeitsplatz Kammerer Medical Group

Ergonomic workplaces

  • All workstations, office and - as far as possible - production height-adjustable
  • Sound insulation for concentrated work
Beispiel Planung Arbeitsbereich Kammerer Medical Group

Low-pollutant equipment

  • Office furniture from Sedus, pioneer in sustainable and pollutant-tested interior design
  • Production workstations from Lista
Durchdachte Anordnung der Funktionsbereiche für Wegeoptimierung bei der Kammerer Medical Group

Pleasant working environment

  • Summer and winter air conditioning through concrete core activation
  • well-thought-out ways and processes
Pausenraum/Kantine mit Terrasse der Kammerer Medical Group

Quality of life

  • Break room/canteen with terrace
  • Spacious rooms
  • Natural light and beautiful views through large windows


The company building is one of the first large production buildings to achieve the Energy Efficiency Standard 40 (KfW).

Baufortschritt Neubau Stockach Kammerer Medical Group

Energy efficiency standard KfW 40

The production and office building requires only a quarter of the primary energy of a reference building, so it is actually KfW 26.

Wärmepumpen auf dem Dach der Kammerer Medical Group

No fossil fuels

Air heat pumps provide warmth in winter and cooling in summer.

Aufbau Betonkernaktivierung Baustelle Kammerer Medical Group

Efficient air conditioning

By means of concrete core activation, heating and coooling are efficiently distributed throughout the building.

PV-Module auf dem Dach des neuen Gebäudes der Kammerer Medical Group


All electricity consumption is covered by PV. 600 kWp come from the roof, and our own ground-mounted system may cover any additional demand.

Prozesswärme-Rückgewinnung bei der Kammerer Medical Group

Process Heat Recovery

Silicone injection molding requires heat, which is released after the injection process. We use them for heating buildings

Fahrradladestationen Kammerer Medical Group

Charging stations

Sufficient charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes are planned for employees.


Stockach is the gateway to Lake Constance.

5 km to the lake
Close to Switzerland and Austria
Summer and winter sports
Air and water quality
Kammerer Medical Group sponsort die erfogreichen Jollenseglerinnen und -segler Reichenau

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Learn more about our location Stockach with video "Stockach - heart beats here" made by the city of Stockach (please enable automated translation subtitles):

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We rely on Made in Germany right from the start. Construction and equipment are from companies in the region:

  • Fiedler Architekten PartG mbH, Stockach: Architecture
  • Beirer Tragwerke, Bodman-Ludwigshafen: Statics
  • Thomas Meßmer Planungsbüro, Stockach: Planning of building services
  • Energiebüro21, Donaueschingen: Energy concept
  • Stadtwerke Stockach: electricity, gas, water
  • Brobeil Aufzüge GmbH & Co. KG, Dürmentingen: Elevator system
  • Fertigbau Wochner GmbH & Co. KG, Dormettingen: Prefabricated reinforced concrete components
  • Viellieber Erde Abbruch Stein GmbH, Owingen: Earthworks
  • Karl Stocker Bauunternehmen GmbH, Pfullendorf: Shell construction work
  • Zimmermann + König GmbH & Co. KG, Singen: roof, wall and ceiling cladding
  • Mall GmbH, Donaueschingen: cistern, oil separator
  • Manfred Welsch GmbH, Stockach: Concrete core activation
  • Lightning rod construction Süd GmbH & Co. KG, Singen: grounding
  • Hofmann Elektrotechnik GmbH, Krauchenwies: Electrical installation
  • Klaiber Brüowelt OHG, Pfullendorf: Furniture concept
  • Sedus Stoll AG, Dogern: Office furniture
  • Klöber GmbH, Owingen: upholstered furniture
  • Brunner GmbH, Rheinau: Canteen furniture


Company Brunner GmbH up-cycles beams from old mills, barns, roof trusses, etc. into tables with character. Our conference table may display its past; Cracks and bumps are allowed.