Overview of products, innovations and services of the Kammerer Medical Group.


Our vision is to make a significant contribution to improving healthcare through pioneering medical technology.

Through our commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction, we strive to earn the trust of our customers, foster sustainable partnerships and set the benchmark in the field of medical technology.


Our innovative instruments adapt to the needs of surgical teams and clinics.

The Kerrison instrument KMG-12/22 ensures that new, optimally sharp cutting ends are always at hand and enables quick changeover to other geometries when the surgical procedure requires it.

We are ready to immediately equip all instruments with RFID tags in the handle - important for optimizing sterile goods management and determining the lifetime of the instruments.

Our digital torque instrument takes the support of the operating team to the next level With continuous shaft, it allows "hand feel", provides visual and acoustic feedback, and displays torque readings in real time on the screen.

Kerrison-Schiebeschaft-Instrument mit wechselbaren Arbeitsenden der Kammerer Medical Group

KMG-12/22: Kerrison instrument with interchangeable working ends

The sliding shaft instrument can be transformed in seconds from rongeur to punch to pliers to scissors…

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Silikongriffe für chirurgische Instrumente mit eingebettetem RFID-Tag oder -Chip zur Identifizierung und zum Tracking von der Kammerer Medical Group

CSurgical instruments with embedded RFID tags

Reusable instruments should be equipped with RFID tags to locate, identify and track their processing cycles. Silicone handles are perfect for embedding the tags.

Digitales Drehmoment-Instrument der Kammerer Medical Group

Digital Torque Instrument

Our digital torque instrument provides advanced support to the surgical team such as alarm in case of complications (e.g. incarcerated tissue, implant under tension) or adjustment of the maximum torque to the patient’s individual bone density. Surgical data can be documented directly in the patient's file.


We adapt to the needs of our customers. All surgical instruments have original Weber softgrip silicone handles. Thanks to our special manufacturing process, stainless steel and silicone stick together gap free over hundreds of processing cycles - a necessary condition for biological safety. We share the validations.

Sieb mit kompletten Instrumentenset der Kammerer Medical Group

Instrument Trays

We supply equipped instrument trays for surgical procedures.

Auf ein Implantat angepasstes Intstumentenset der Kammerer Medical Group

Instrument Sets

Every implant needs a manufacturer-approved instrument set - we take care of that.

Auswahl einzelner Instrumente der Kammerer Medical Group

Single Instruments

We supply single instruments for assembled trays.

Ratschen und Kupplungen der Kammerer Medical Group

Couplings, ratchets

Different coupling types with or without ratchet function for various working ends.

Grifffarben für original Weber Softgrip Silikongriffe für chirurgische Instrumente der Kammerer Medical Group

Original Weber softgrip

Because of own silicone processing we can offer different grip colours. For large lots also with customized shape and logo.


Our focus is on patient safety. We achieve this through consistent quality management throughout all production steps, from steel bar to customer-specific instrument, because quality needs control.

Made in Germany

Consistent quality management throughout all production steps

Transparency: Device Master File and Device History Record are included.

Safety: We have cleaning validations and biosafety tests and are participate in research on material aging.

Process management

Integrated flowchart generator
Interactive process map
Responsibility for the processes
Process categories and processes

Document management

Compare versions
Automated error avoidance
Integrated document editor
Evidence documents, form management
File upload, file mapping

Members and roles

Automated organisational chart
Role and user management
Change monitoring

Approval according to norm

Digital signature
Version management
automated updating
Distribution lists for approval

Documents in view

Systematic full text search
Overview of documents
Quick access
Dashboard with activity tracking


The key is Qsistant's digitized quality management. Easy document and process management for quality management,certification and audit.

We use Qsistant’s quality management software. Which is not exclusive:


Logical structure, self-explanatory operating concept, clear layout.


Norm-compliant (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 50001) quality management ensures relaxed audits.


All the tools for smooth collaboration are in place.


Data protected, legally compliant in the cloud on German servers. . Validation documentation with every update.


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Silicone Mixing, Silicone Injection Molding/Vulcanizing, Annealing

Machining, eroding, bending, hardening (stainless steel, aluminum)

Laser welding, TIG welding/orbital welding

Assembly, Gluing

Laser marking, color marking

Measuring, testing

Shot blasting, vibratory grinding, manual grinding, polishing



In 2023, the companies of the Kammerer Medical Group moved to the new location in Stockach. We have tripled our production capacity there. Long-term framework supply contracts already occupy a large part of the capacity.

Many of the new production machines, automation solutions and equipment for digitization are supported by a funding program of the EU and the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Logoband "Gefördert durch Mittel der EU und des Landes Baden-Württemberg" für neue Maschinen am Standort Stockach der Kammerer Medical Group